Eyquem, Bosch, Champion are the primary suppliers PSA Groupe. The list of the most popular Peugeot spark plugs

The list of the most popular Peugeot spark plugs

PSA 5962 2J, 5962 5F

Two-electrode type

Original equipment Bosch FR7KDC 0 242 235 609 replaced by FR7LDC+ 0 242 235 668 and Eyquem RFN58LZ. Sometimes Champion RC8PYX


Peugeot 406 (8B) 3.0i 24V (XFZ.ES9J4)
Peugeot Partner (M59) Combispace (5F) 1.4i (KFX KFW TU3JP) except L4 W4, 1.4 (K2D.TU3-2), 1.1i (HDZ.TU1M)
Peugeot 106 II 1.6i S16 (NFX.TU5J4) for L3 Catalytic converter only, 1.6i (NFW NFY TU5J2) 1.6i (NFZ.TU5JP)
Peugeot 106 II (1) 1.4i (KFX KFW TU3JP) without catalyst
Peugeot 206 (2A, 2C) SW (2E,2K) 1.1i (HFX.TU1JP) 1.1i (HFZ.TU1JP) 1.4i (KFX.TU3JP) not for L4; 1.6i (NFZ.TU5JP) all

PSA 5962 5M

Analogs: Bosch FR8ME 0.9 0 242 229 630, Eyquem RFN 52 HZ, Z223 Beru 14FR-8 MU2, Champion REC9YCL, NGK LFR5B

PSA 5962 7W, 5960 16

Installed on

Peugeot 206 (2A, 2C) SW (2E,2K) 1.6i 16V (NFU.TU5JP4) up to chassis number 09428
Peugeot 307 (3A) SW (3H) 1.6i 16V (NFU.TU5JP4) up to chassis number 09428 
Peugeot Partner Combispace (5F) 1.6i 16V (NFU.TU5JP4)
In the Servicebox catalog — 5960 16

Other Peugeot parts numbers: 5960 97, 5960.97, 5960 98, 5960.98

Other manufacturers analogues: Toyota 90919-01235 90919-W1001, Bosch 0 242 235 636, Beru Z184 14FR-7MU2, Denso K20HR-U11


Peugeot 406 (8B) 2.0i Turbo (RGX.XU10J2TE)    FR6LDC
Peugeot 605 (6B) 2.0i Turbo (RGX.XU10J2TE)FR6LDC, RFC58LZ2E
Peugeot Partner Combispace (5F) 1.8i (LFX.XU7JB)FR6LDC, RFC58LZ2E

FR 7 LDC 0,9

PSA 5962 4C

O.E. Bosch FR8KDC. Order number 0 242 229 628

Peugeot 605 (6B) 3.0i (XFZ.ES9J4)

The table shows the most popular spark plugs. For selection by model and engine, it is better to go to the catalog of concepts.

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